Monday, August 8, 2011

Addendum on question if Lucy Slocum was George Dorrance Lawton's wife.

ADDENDUM:  I've since found out that a different George Lawton married Lucy Slocum.  I found on the 1880 U.S. Census for Warwick a Geoge T. Lawton, married to Lucy.  Wondering who this George Lawton was, I then turned to a widely distributed Lawton Genealogy, that draws upon the research of Elva Lawton, and I found that George T. Lawton b. 1817, son of Seth, son of Arnold, did marry Lucy B. Slocum, in 1840.  She was born in 1823.

Those ages and dates better fit the Lucy Slocum discussed above.  If her grandfather Abel was born in 1758 - that made him contemporary to Job Lawton, and suggests that Lucy's father Smith Pierce Slocum was more of contemporary to George Lawton.

The Lawton Genealogy is available in pdf format at URL:

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